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National Collections

nccpg2.jpgThe Channel Islands National Collections Co-ordinator is Jennifer Seth-Smith, a committee member of the Guernsey group.

There are four National Collections in the Channel Islands.  There is a further collection of Jovibarba, which has been rehoused for the time being in Holme Grown Country Store at Fauvic.  They are being cleaned up and relabelled with the help of Peter Bastion and will go on the raised beds surrounding the outdoor cafeteria, when this is finished.  It is hoped that with time, they will regain their National Collection status.


Alnus Jersey trees for life www.jerseytreesforlife.org

Cordyline australis Fauvic Nurseries Ltd. www.holmegrown.com

Jovibarba with Peter Bastion peterbastion1@gmail.com



The Guernsey collection of Nerines was recognised as a National Collection in December 2017.  The report in the Guernsey Press can be accessed here:

click here to download Guernsey Press article